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processcontrolRWS has a particular expertise in projecting the effects of automation upgrades onto an existing process.  By skillful combination of engineering vision and technical skill, and an intimate appreciation of the full potentials of a process, RWS can maximize the process capabilities in a plant.

To achieve maximum results from any process automation effort - new process system, expansion of an existing system, or an improvement of an existing system.  The designers must be able to look at the needs and develop a true vision of the capabilities achievable by that particular process.  This ability to envision the possible drives our system architects, engineers and programmers.

The benefits of purchasing automation components, parts and instrumentation directly from the integrator include integration of designs with the architecture, management that ensures the panels are built to design standards, programming of the PLC's to design specification and proper installation of hardware.  The benefit is full integration,  economy of the most intelligent sort and professional peace of mind.

At RWS we design process systems for you.  We build process systems so they can be operated and maintained by your people.  On completion, we give your facility documentation in hard copy and on CD. All of our work for you becomes your property.  This is done so you can keep control of your processing future.
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