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RWS has the knowledge and expertise to program custom solutions to solve problems in the food industry. We can program custom solutions in almost any environment. Our expertise allows us to apply existing technology to monitor, report or control plant floor systems.

Fill weight and efficiency are always a concern. Inexpensive software to graph and report on line efficiency and fill weight control can be created to fit your need.

RWS can provide custom solutions to aid in blending rework, reuse, recon or carryover product back into your operation. RWS can provide software to calculate how much and how often to blend rework product back into the operation.

Knowing what happens and when it happens in your plant is always a concern. RWS can provide software that can enable you, your plant engineer, or your operators to know what is happening in your plant. RWS can write custom applications that can page multiple pagers to alarm on special events or on operator demand. RWS can also integrate inexpensive video cameras into your existing HMI solutions.  RWS can also extend this technology to apply to existing web based systems or we can provide intranet or extranet applications for your system.

If you need to solve tough problems and stay within a budget RWS can provide resources that understand your situation and have the knowledge to provide innovative solutions to your problems.

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