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batching-systemsRWS has a complete and creative understanding of batch processes. This ability allows us to design and install a unique system that fits your production needs and is easily expanded to accommodate future business at your facility.

If you have needs to alter your existing system, add new lines, change ingredients, products or processes, our batch system expertise may save you significant amounts of material, raw product, water, and time.  This all adds up to money saved for you.

Virtually all types of processes - injection, temperature control and set point management, agitation, weight, flow control, dosing, pressure, volume - All are managed with precision and competence using the type of batch control systems that RWS has developed and installed in plants around the country.

Our objective is to produce a controls system that you can use and maintain, on your own.  All the work accomplished for you by RWS becomes your property when the job is completed.  Screen operation manuals are included.  The provision of detailed, straightforward, easy-to-use screen operation manuals is a major reason RWS is known as a truly full-service automation integrator.

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